Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen

  • Liquid Oxygen is designed to increase the oxygen levels in your blood resulting in numerous health benefits.

Oxygen is the most vital element of life. Your body is composed of four main elements making up 96% of your body weight - 3% nitrogen, 10% hydrogen, 18% carbon and 65% oxygen. As you inhale, these elements are taken into your lungs, where they are then distributed throughout your blood via the hemoglobin. Every cell in our body needs oxygen to stay healthy, viable and disease resistant. Due to pollution, stress, inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise our healthy oxygen levels are compromised. However, with just a few drops a day, Natural Life’s Stabilized Liquid Oxygen can raise the blood oxygen levels.

Natural Life’s Stabilized Liquid Oxygen is safe, has no taste, does not cause stomach acid, can be taken with medications without side effects and you can start to experience benefits within the first day, if taken as directed. It’s perfect for those unable to swallow pills or capsules.